Food Service & Wholesale

Food Service & Wholesale

Whether you’re a market trader, processor, food wholesaler, a contract caterer in a workplace, healthcare or education, we strive hard to provide the very best in foodservice solutions for your business.


We offer a comprehensive range in different sizes and varieties of graded white, yellow and red potatoes, including chippers, bakers, packers and all-rounders, in either dirty or washed, and available for immediate delivery.


We regularly test new varieties to meet the changing needs of our customers, and our expert team are happy to provide advice on the right variety to meet your requirements. Let us find the perfect solution for your business we have a full array of varieties to meet your requirements


Sagitta –

A relatively new variety, Sagitta are full flavoured, floury yellow skin cream coloured flesh potatoes that are said to make the best chips!

Eurostar –

Developed for the French Fries industry. Long oval shaped with yellow skin and a light yellow flesh.

Gravity –

Excellent fry colour, texture and taste. A fantastic contender for the fresh chip sector. Oval to long oval shaped with yellow skin and a yellow flesh.

Challenger –

A new variety suitable for French Fries, it has an excellent taste. Long and medium-sized with yellow skin and a light yellow flesh.

Maris Piper –

One of the best known and most popular varieties. They crisp up well on the outside with a delicious fluffy, creamy middle. Also great for Roast Potatoes, Mash and Wedges. A Creamy white skin colour with white flesh.

Jackets / Bakers / Boilers

Melody –

Smooth skinned, yellow-fleshed potatoes suitable for boiling, mashing and wedges

Cultra –

Long and oval shaped, for those who like a bit of waxiness in their spuds.  A good white skin finish with a cream flesh and pink eye

Accord –

Oval shaped with cream skin and flesh, perfect for wedges

Marfona –

Short and oval shaped, these light yellow flesh potatoes make great mash, wedges, dauphinoise potatoes, potato gratin and jacket potatoes

Saxon –

Oval shaped with a cream skin and light yellow flesh – ideal for chips, jacket potatoes, boiling and mashing

Saphire –

Oval shaped with white skin, perfect for jacket potatoes or mash

Anna –

Smooth, creamy fleshed potatoes that store and pack well

Estima –

Firm, light yellow flesh with earthy flavour notes that holds its shape when cooked, ideal for wedges, jacket potatoes, dauphinoise potatoes, potato gratin

Sylvana –

Oval shaped with a light yellow flesh, remains firm whilst cooking

Packing / All Rounders

Red Potatoes

Desiree –

oval-shaped, smooth red skin with a pale creamy flesh. Tastes great, one of the most popular red skinned potato for roasting and wedges

Mozart –

A fairly new variety of red potato, Mozart is perfect for boiling and mashing

Shannon –

Slightly waxy, with a white flesh, these are a tasty, versatile all-rounder that makes fantastic jackets

Salad Potatoes

Maris Peer –

Small salad potatoes with a light fresh flavour with a light skin and flesh. They are great boiled, steamed or roasted whole and can be eaten hot or cold as part of a salad.

Jazzy –

small set skinned. Perfect for salads boiled, roasted whole or even crushed.

White Potatoes

Osprey –

Beautiful smooth light buff skin, shallow pink eyes and a pale flesh. A consistent all-rounder with excellent flavour.

Nectar –

A great pre pack oval shaped potato with smooth skin and a creamy flesh, perfect for when a firm potato is needed

Jelly –

Oval shaped, light, smooth to slightly netted skin and flesh colour with shallow eyes. Excellent taste and good processing quality.

Electra –

A great storing/packing potato, Electra are versatile large oval shaped potatoe with a medium yellow flesh Oval shape