Our Promise

Robert Lindley Ltd guarantees a consistent, high-quality product and service. Our high-quality potatoes can help you meet your unique demands on a consistent basis. We believe that good ethics equal good business. These principles guide us to who we are, what we do and how we achieve it.


Over the past 40 years, we have built a strong presence within the potato industry.

With decades of farming experience, Robert Lindley Ltd grows over 800 acres of our own potatoes. We have close links to potato growers across the UK and Scotland and alongside these suppliers, to ensure the highest standard from field to fork.


Robert Lindley Ltd are very proud to have been awarded Grade A Certification in Global Standards for Food Safety. Receiving this accreditation is a testament to the teams continued hard work and dedication to ensuring standards of excellence. All our potato growers are Red Tractor assured growers and are a fundamental part of our business.


It’s taken time to get where we are and it’s that experience, the knowledge we’ve built up which helps us to deliver top quality potatoes year after year.

Growing potatoes is a way of life for Robert Lindley Ltd, for generations before and generations to come!!

Quality Process

We’re committed to quality from the very start of the supply chain. For us the quality of our potatoes has always been a priority. The way we grow, harvest and store our potatoes has certainly evolved over the years.

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Potato field under beautiful sky


Our potatoes wouldn’t be what they are without our growing partners and our agriculture team. It’s their hard work that ensures our products stand out and are the quality that they are, whatever the season, and whatever the weather.

Red Tractor Assurance

Accredited food safety, environmental protection and full traceability of all our products.


BRC Food

Estimated Tonnes of Potato Production of Great Britain in 2017 (Excluding seed and starch)

That’s a lot of potatoes! I wonder how many of them were from Robert Lindley Ltd!

(Source: Potato Pro – 4,751,000.00 tonnes)