Our potatoes wouldn’t be what they are without our growing partners and our agriculture team. It’s their hard work that ensures our products stand out and are the quality that they are, whatever the season, and whatever the weather.


To grow the very best potatoes our agricultural team test the soil before planting, choosing specific varieties to match the different soil type. Field management is a precise art and we only grow potatoes in fields that are absolutely ready and suited to the potato we’re growing, in terms of soil conditions, light and drainage.


Once it’s growing we get out in the field to check on the colour of the potato plant canopy, to assess how it is sat above the ground, and to have a dig to see what stage the potatoes are at.



All our growers are part of the “Red Tractor Scheme” and must provide their assured produce number as part of our traceability process. The Red Tractor Scheme was established in 2000 and has grown to become the UK’s biggest farm and food standards scheme.

The scheme ensures that its farmed and produced from a trustworthy and safe source that is regularly checked by independent experts to make sure it is of a good standard.

The Red Tractor assurance scheme operates to the international standard ISO Guide 65, which is the European Standard EN45011.

To ensure we have full traceability on all the potatoes our growing partners provide us with a full passport prior to delivery which includes details such as

  • Grower details
  • Variety of the potato
  • The field the potato was grown in
  • The graded size of the potato
  • The harvest date
  • The county the potato was grown in
  • The store the potato was kept in
  • The growers Assured Produce Number
  • If any post-harvest treatments have been applied

When potatoes from our growing partners arrive at Robert Lindley they are provided with their own individual identifiable code. We can then provide our customers with full traceability if required by linking the details from the growers passport to the code. The code is linked to that load of potatoes throughout their journey to their end destination.