Round oval white fleshed tubers suitable for early Chip production. Excellent taste with potential for use as an early baker. Benefits from dual eelworm resistance and a good tolerance to Spraing. Relatively low tuber numbers (attention to seed rate required). Susceptible to Rhizoctonia, also early blight programme advised.


The Challenger potato is primarily used for french fries, offering a high yield, broad adaptation, multi-purpose variety, a good resistance to common scab, and good storability.


Very suitable for early harvest with Big size tubers while providing a good yield. Uniform tuber size and shape as well as being resistant to Globodera pallida


The Rock is very suitable for the table and french fries market. Resistant to potato nematodes (A, B, C and D). Very nice and equal development of the crop during the growing season. High dry matter in tubers for excellent French Fries. High number of tubers per plant. High yield. Mealy cooking type.


the Sagitta provides early maturity and tuberisation, a high yield, and very good taste.Results have found that this particular potato offers good dry matter content as well as multi-purpose variety

Maris Piper

The Maris Piper is a maincrop high yield potato with a skin colour of white and a creamy flesh colour. Though quite susceptible to common and powdery scabs, Maris Piper is resistant to PCN-Ro1.



The Mozart potato is a moderately high yield potato which maintains good bruising tolerance, cooking quality, storability, scab resistance, and a uniform large tuber size and shape. Providing a red skin that features a yellow coloured flesh after cooking, this oval potato varies from slightly susceptible to resistant.


A very early bulking variety with excellent resistance to common scab and good resistance to tuber blight. SHANNON produces high early yields of large good eating potatoes particularly suitable for baking.

Pre Pack


Marfona is a fresh table variety with a yellow skin and light yellow flesh. Tuber numbers are low and grading is regular. The tubers are big, oval round, of regular shape with shallow eyes. Dry matter content is moderate and cooking quality is firm. Cultivation can take place on most soil types, however Marfona is rather susceptible to Common Scab. The shape and size of tubers means Marfona is excellent for use as a baker.


Robust performance giving high net yields. This particular potato spec provides an attractive and robust uniform crop of yellow tubers, which are accompanied by shallow eyes and a fantastic skin finish.


Estima is a white skinned table variety with light yellow flesh colour. Tuber numbers are good and the oval tubers are quite large. Estima has shallow eyes and uniform size and can be grown on most soils. The dry matter content is good and it has a floury texture once cooked. With a mild flavour, Estima is best for simple recipes like mashed potatoes and wedges.


Setting the standard for table potatoes, these potatoes produce high yields of uniform yellow fleshed tubers with shallow eyes and superb skin finish


These wonderful potatoes have a good resistance to spraing and are suitable to make home fries. Sunita is able to provide a dark yellow flesh while maintaining a uniform tuber size and shape


An excellent variety for the retail/fresh/packing sector. NECTAR produces very high yields of medium to large tubers with outstanding uniformity. Tuber numbers are good and skin finish is bright, smooth and attractive. Due to high resistance to silver scurf and black dot, pack-out percentages are exceptional from long-term storage. Great texture and taste profile.


Jelly is a medium to late maincrop variety suitable for both table consumption and French fry production. It produces very high marketable yields of nice, medium to large oval tubers. The variety has a smooth yellow skin finish with pure yellow flesh colour.


Maris Peer

The Maris Peer is a Second Early in maturity, offers a moderate yield and showcases a skin and flesh colour of white. While maintaining an oval tuber shape and a foliage maturity of 5, this potato has a tuber number of 16 per plant.


Revolutionising the salad potato market. tasty, healthy, easy. This potato produces exceptional yields with high tuber numbers per plant. Firm cooking type, great taste and texture. Low bruising index, maintains good quality throughout storage and low seed rate required, reducing growing costs.


GWENNE is a table variety closely related to the segment of firm fleshes with a nice skin finish. Second early to main crop with a high yield, it is a variety very much appreciated from growers for its high reliability. GWENNE is particularly adapted to the production of “Babies”. On the top of its good performance at storage, GWENNE shows a very low sensitivity to greening.


The first firm flesh variety ever released on the French market and now a reference. One of the cherished varieties by hobby gardeners but not only by them. Notwithstanding its high qualities for Salad potatoes, CHARLOTTE also makes very tasty French fries.


the Leontime potato offers not only firm cooking, but very attractive bright skin, a good yield, a very high tuber number, and early maturing